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Manure scrapers

Frequent cleaning of walking alleys contributes to barn hygiene and animal welfare. Clean cows and dry hoofs result in cleaner cubicle bedding and improved claw health. Cleaner cows also benefit you with the opportunity to milk faster and in a more hygienic way.

BeerepootAgri supplies a wide range of labour saving and low maintenance manure scraping systems (CE). As the result of many years of experience we are able to offer our customers products of high quality in every aspect. Our different kinds of scrapers are driven by our reliable chain drive units or byrope/cable drive (reel drive).

All scrapers are custom manufactured. This means that they are made to measure for every barn. After the process of manufacturing of drive units and scrapers, the steel components will be hot dip galvanised according to DIN EN ISO 1461.

Our facilities offer ample opportunities for you to let us construct scrapers to your specifications. Also optional are scrapers for rubber flooring and low-emission floors as well as manure discharge flaps. For further information, please contact your local supplier or BeerepootAgri.

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