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Slurry pumps & mixers

Landia POP electric submersible mixer

The POP Landia mixers are very versatile for use in nearly all types of manure silos and lagoons. The unique 3-blade propeller design offers outstanding mixing performance – even in thick/heavy slurry as in slurry containing straw.

The installation-kit can be supplied in galvanised and INOX versions.

  • Complete line of submersible mixers with electric motors from 3.0-30.0kW
  • AC motors, 50Hz, 400V (3-phase) with gear motor
  • Diameter of the propeller is related to the material to be mixed

Super-Gigant & Mammoet mixers

All types of mixers are equipped with the special liquid manure-proof mud bearings, which gives the mixers a long service life. The special mixing cylinder round the wing ensures highly effective intake of the manure. All mixers are hot dipped galvanised.

Super-Gigant and Mammoet can be equipped with a reversing unit, so that they are suitable for 2 directions: suction and pressure

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