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Light & air

Barn ligthing

BeerepootAgri supplies lighting systems, which are specifically designed for use in barns. This assures you that our fixtures are moisture, ammonium and dust tight.

Important to barn lighting is light intensity (lux), spreading of light and light duration (in hours). Scientific research shows that light intensity in barns has to be at least 150 lux.

Roll doors

BeerepootAgri supplies a wide range of premium roll doors with openings up to 6 meters. Roll doors are ideal for access to, for example, the feed alley. The solid doors can be equipped with horizontal stiffening sections and with lateral guide rails on both sides.

Options for the choice of system are:

* Control: manual (chain wheel/ hand winch), electric-manual (switch and/or remote control)

* With electric drive choice of a tube motor or external motor in rail/solid

* Roll tubes can be placed above or in up and down moving rail

* Wide choice in (translucent) UV-resistant tarpaulins and/or windbreak mesh

Side ventilation systems

BeerepootAgri supplies a wide range of high quality ventilation systems (CE) for opening lengths up to 150 meters.

Stretch covers 

Stretch covers are used in for example facades with (a) symmetric shapes (trapezoid, triangle) and are available in various colours and with different wind-shielding performances.

On top and on both ends the cover is mounted with tendons in a aluminum tendon rail.

The cover is provided with a hollow seam on bottom, in which a 48.3mm tube (galvanised) is placed. It is then, at every 2.5 meters, strung with INOX ratchets.

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