Light & air

For healthy & productive animals

The better the air quality and lighting, the happier your cattle will be. Our product range features a variety of solutions that you can use to promote the health and productivity of your animals – from ventilators and lamps to roller blind doors.

LUBRATEC® Stabidoor

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  • Maximum dimensions: 6.00m width, 6.00m height
  • High wind protection
  • For daily opening and closing
  • Drive unit with 400V electrical motor or 230V tube motor with or without radio remote control or hand winch
  • Roll up opening system
  • Stabilized by horizontal tubes and guide rails with lip seals
  • Incl. bale coverage

LUBRATEC® Roll-up systems

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  • Pulleys or a central drive tube are used for suspension
  • Opens from the top downwards and winds onto a bottom roller
  • Opening heights up to 3.10m
  • System height (fabric width) up to 3.20m
  • Maximum system length: 80m
  • Drive optionally manual or electrical, with or without control system

LUBRATEC® Roller blind door

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  • Maximum dimensions: 5.50 width, 5.00 height
  • for daily opening and closing
  • high wind protection
  • optional storm safety
  • Driven by tube motors with or without remote control or hand winch
  • the tubes run in aluminium guide rails with lip seals
  • the hanging winds upwards onto a central roller

LUBRATEC® Roller blind front with tube motor for in closure use

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  • Maximum opening height up to 5.00m
  • Maximum system length up to 15.00m
  • Curtain wraps in the middle of a 78 mm steel slot tube
  • Electronical drive unit 230 V with minimum space requirement
  • Guided with lateral guide rails and sealing lips
  • Without ratchet tension

Barn lighting

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Beerepoot supplies lighting systems, which are specifically designed for use in barns. This assures you that our fixtures are moisture, ammonium and dust tight.

Important to barn lighting is light intensity (lux), spreading of light and light duration (in hours). Scientific research shows that light intensity in barns has to be at least 150 lux. For milking cows this light intensity combined with the optimum light regimen of 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness, results in:

  • Improved animal welfare
  • Up to 15% increased milk production
  • Extended period of lactation
  • Improved feed intake
  • Improved fertility
  • Longer in heat and better detection
  • Less dominant cows in herd

Due to lengthening of the day by barn lighting, cows produce less of the sleeping hormone Melatonin. Light reduces the production of Melatonin; darkness increases this process. In other words: longer days result in less Melatonin and therefore more activity and healthier cows.


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Basket fans

  • BP 130 cm, 400 V / 50 Hz
  • also available in 50, 63 and 71 cm

Ceiling fan PV600

  • 140 cm,  230 V / 70 W-21