That’s us

Down-to-earth & specialised since 1964

Although we are now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of barn equipment, we have remained true to our down-to-earth roots. As an owner-managed family business, we focus closely on the wishes of farmers and their constantly changing requirements. It is particularly important to us to deal fairly with all those involved – from customers to suppliers and employees.

Innovations for your agricultural efficiency

Founded in 1964 in Logabirum (Leer) in East Frisia, our production facilities and head office are now located in neighbouring Nortmoor. Here, in modern production and storage facilities, we produce not only standardised but also special solutions for customers around the world.

In our work we always ask ourselves one question – where is there room for improvement? Working In close cooperation with farmers, we therefore regularly produce our own innovations for barn management that is geared to the future. We would like to show you two of these inventions here.

PLC control for effective manure management

Saving time and costs for manure management was our aim when we developed our own control system (PLC). It controls operation either automatically or manually and all parameters are fully programmable – from operating times to alley lengths.

Our control system has a comprehensive range of features including a frost monitor programme, discharge flaps and cattle driving function as well as a traction force monitoring system that reduces wear on drive wheels, chains and corner rollers.

Over-path bridge for discharge shafts

To achieve ideal walkability and safe operating procedures for long alleys, we developed our over-path bridge with hinged partition barrier. The special feature of our solution is that a discharge channel can also be placed in the centre which the animals can comfortably cross without having to change the direction in which they are walking. The over-path bridge lifts to allow the discharge of manure or silage residues and after cleaning it returns to the ground level position – a clean solution.