Our production

Flexible solutions with our own metal processing facilities

Healthy animals, efficient work processes: This is our common goal for your barn equipment and manure handling systems. With our in-house metal processing facilities equipped with state-of-the art machinery, we are able to flexibly modify all details to suit your needs. Our experienced specialists produce functional materials of the highest processing quality – for cattle-friendly farming and optimum yields.

Accurate quality is always in our mind

For the best possible animal husbandry and for smooth installation at your house, we manufacture components for barn equipment. Our metal processing specializes in this. In Nortmoor (D) in East Frisia, we use the diverse synergies that result from the cooperation with the Beerepoot consultants and the proximity to farmers. For a continuous development of your own competencies, for optimized metal components and a machine equipment that ensures flexibility, increases quality and helps to keep prices under control.

Our production facilities

CNC-controlled welding robots

Top-quality welding seams with minimised throughput times – with our CNC-controlled welding robots, manual reworking is almost a thing of the past. The work tables (620 and 350 centimetres) can be controlled and rotated through 360 degrees. This enables us to weld components from above and below.

Drawing & free-form bending machines

Precise and variable: Our controlled, electric-hydraulic drawing and free-form bending machines are used for cold forming of profiles as well as steel and stainless steel tubes with nominal diameters of 1, 1.5 and 2 inches. For special designs and different radii in series production.

Section shears / punching

For fast and precise production of a variety of geometric shapes we use tools for punching and cutting flat, angle and bar steel and also benefit from the advantages of laser cutting in cooperation with our partners. With this flexibility you also profit from short throughput times for special dimensions.