Modern barn equipment & manure handling systems

We are your reliable partner for all kinds of stable equipment!


Safety feeding fences Model BE
Feeding fence Model KS
Swedish feeding fences
Diagonal feeding fences
Pipe seperators


Stainless-steel water troughs
Frost-free plastic troughs
Suevia troughs


Cubicle Seperators
Aquastar Waterbeds
Softbed with Polylatex
Huber N20 nop mats
Kraiburg Maxibox

Cow handling

Lift gates
Partition lattices
Texas gates

Manure removal

Slatted floors
Low-emission floors
Underfloor manure removal
Bedded stalls

Manure technology

Manure pump
Submersible mixer
PTO agitator
Combi Agitator

Light & Air

Side ventilation
Agriled Barn Light
Large capacity fans
Milking parlor ventilation

Barn equipment

Calf rearing
Claw care
Cow brushes

Beerepoot Agri

Modern barn equipment & manure handling systems

More comfort for animals, a higher yield for farmers: This is exactly what modern barn equipment provides – and this is exactly what we have specialised in since 1964. Since then we have become one of the leading manufacturers in Europe in this sector. Welcome to Beerepoot from East Frisia!

Are you planning a new building, renovations or want to optimise your equipment? With the help of our individual turnkey solutions you can perfect the working conditions of your cattle management facility. We plan and install every detail of your barn equipment and manure handling system – all from one source and at sites around the world.


For you.

Beerepoot Agri Leer Ostfriesland

Your special advantage = our special flexibility

With our in-house metal processing facilities and extensive range of products, we offer not only standard dimensions but also all conceivable special dimensions – to ensure that your barn equipment meets your requirements with millimetre precision. We would be pleased to discuss your options at a free initial consultation.

About us

Although we are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of stable equipment, we have always kept our down-to-earth attitude.


Thanks to our in-house metal processing powered by modern machinery, we’re able to align all details to your requirements.


With our all-round service and more than 50 years of experience, you can ensure that all details are optimally tailored for the well-being of the cows and cattle.

One for all –
Alle for one.