The Aquastar-mattress

13. January 2021

Pure comfort for your cows!

*Optionally available with Aquaboard water kneeboard

The benefits for your cow:

  • Less heat stress due to the cooling effect
  • Wraps and supports each animal´s morphology
  • Creates optimal blood circulation
  • Longer chewing times
  • Increased the cyclical idle times
  • Reduces all pressure points
  • Positive influence on milk production
  • Assurance for protected resting through latex underlay 

Thickness: 40 mm waterbed + 35 mm latex underlay = 75 mm in total

Further advantages if using the Aquaboard:

  • Soft kneeboard: no trauma during laying down or standing up
  • High elasticity and flexibility
  • Cows laying in a natural position and often with a front leg extended over the Aquaboard

Would you like to find out more about our Aquastar waterbed? Then please contact us!